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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  November 23, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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for days and smart crooks swap out the reader and take home the device to download data. the company has replaced the card readers in question at those 19 affected stores. they have beef up security in all stores but customers are still nervous. >> i was always worried. i tried not to use those unless i had to. i don't trust them. >> reporter: the company also issued a written statement saying that we sincerely regret any inconvenience or concern that consumer advisory may have caused customers especially during this holiday. it is not exactly clear when lucky knew about this breach. but when you consider they were able to replace or beef up security to hundreds of these devices, that would suggest they have known about it for quite some time.
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keep an eye on your bank account. >> thank you, kiet do. thousands of hospital patients names and debts posted online. it's supposed to be private information but ann notarangelo shows us how an east bay man found it with a few mouse clicks. >> reporter: lee white came across a file that said health services write-off reports. he clicked on it. >> a whole long list of patients who contra costa health services money. >> reporter: he found the names of thousands of people how much they owe and collectively they owe more than $9 million. >> it was frightfully easy to obtain. >> reporter: it appears this documents was part of a presentation to the contra costa county board of supervisors in 2009 or 2010. the county health department says it did not release this information and says it came from the office of debt collection.
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a department that was disbanded within the last year. one possible explanation from the county? that this information was used to document debt forgiveness and that's public record. but why is it on the internet? >> it's that kind of information that's been posted on the internet something has gone terribly wrong. >> reporter: according to privacy rights clearinghouse, there are cases where information can be shared but with control federal hi laws keep things private. >> it would require a close look at the entire circumstance and how this made its way from the hospital files or the debt collector files on to the internet. >> reporter: the privacy rights clearinghouse also pointed out that there may be an exemption for government entities. regardless, who would want that kind of information post for all to see? >> i would be embarrassed if
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somebody put this information out about me as not paying my bills. >> reporter: since this is the day before a holiday and county officials who might have definitive answers for us wasn't available for comment, but the privacy rights clearinghouse tells us that anyone who sees their private medical information online to contact a hospital privacy officer and also, the department of health and human services. in martinez, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. the contra costa county says, we are beginning an investigation into whether or not there is a potential breach of protected information. if there is, we will follow procedures to report the breach and notify any of the people whose information has been made public. today the university of california said it will get to the bottom of the pepper spray incident at uc-davis. it has launched two investigations to respond to the clash between police and protestors. and christin ayers reports, uc
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has brought in a high-profile former police officer to help sort it all out. >> reporter: no one here was talking about the investigation but we saw the "use of force" policy for uc-davis and it says only reasonable force should be use. one expert says that doesn't appear to be what happened. less than a week officers were caught brazenly pepper spraying "occupy wall street" protestors they have ordered a factfinding commission. mark yudof said my intent is to provide the community with an independent report about what happened at davis. he tapped former l.a. police chief william bratton to lead the conversation. bratton said he wants to know
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this about the officers spraying. >> were they within the policies and procedures of the university of california? >> reporter: we couldn't find the police policy manual online. >> i urge uc-davis if they don't have procedures available, they need to make them available. >> reporter: judge cordell has receiver the controversial video and measuring the conduct by san jose standards -- >> that officer and those officers who engaged in the pepper spraying get an f. actually they get an f minus. >> reporter: cordell says their behavior is not in line with what a reasonable officer should do under the same circumstances. >> reporter: they were sitting in slight protest. >> reporter: officials confirmed their policy is not available online. it's unclear how long this investigation will take but it will determine whether the police chief and two officers
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will be disciplined. live in oakland, christin ayers, cbs 5. this is a chopper picture of a two-car accident. when you think about what night it is, it's the getaway evening for the holiday, the rush hour is on. it's extended. 680 northbound near milpitas. we don't know whether there are any injuries. the cars are moving slowly. if you are waiting for someone using that road, they will be late. the scandal at penn state could prompt new laws in california. state senator juan vargas of san diego is work on a bill that would require university athletic directors and coaches to report suspected child abuse it police or they could face a
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year in jail. a bill by assemblyman ricardo lara of l.a. county would strip nonprofits of their tax-exempt status for failing to report abuse. other bay area headlines. investigators call a fire that burned a liquor store near hayward suspicious. this happened in cherry land. firefighters say the flames and smoke caused moderate damage to the store two blocks from the site of another site of an arson fire. the owners of three homes damaged by a landslide in san pablo are suing the city. the slide last march was apparently caused by heavy winter rain. the homeowners claim that the city's design and maintenance of drainage over the years contributed to that slide. the city has not commented. it's no see contract that california is in the middle of a financial crisis. a hiring freeze has been implemented to save money but
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there's one state agency that is ignoring the order and hiring anyway. sam shane is on the money. >> reporter: courthouse delays are more common now because they are short staffed. but one government agency is growing despite a statewide hiring freeze. >> they have gone on a hiring spree with i.t. consultants and technicians on the totals are in the millions and millions of dollars. >> reporter: judge gilyard says the money is going to a court computer project years behind schedule and already hundreds of millions of dollars over budget. other judge blames the administrative office of the courts for hiring dozens of consultants. >> they are being carried under contracts with the aoc so they don't have to be reported as employees and they don't report them as employees. >> reporter: the judges say millions of taxpayer dollars are going to outside firms like the black stamp technology group, all-star consulting and assent services group despite state budget cuts and hard
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freeze on hiring. >> it's incredible because they have over 140 people on staff already responsible for doing i.t. services but they are outsourcing huge numbers of contracts often times well over 100 to $200,000 a year. >> the administrative office of the courts declined to be interviewed on camera for this report but the agency admits it used an employment agency to provide temporary workers for temporary needs. the aoc calls it more cost- effective in hiring full-time workers especially during a downturn in the economy. but is it really more cost efficient? >> what we found was there are at least four aoc employees that were being paid $35 an hour when they were aoc employees but now they are working an being paid $50 an hour so i don't see that as a win-win for the taxpayer. >> reporter: the money comes out of trial court trust fund that keeps courts open and
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that's troubling to many judges who fear courtrooms may go dark. >> sam also reports the court administrative office spent more than $5 million in the past two years on technology consultants and more than $3 million for other court information services. very busy night from the cbs 5 weather center as we are tracking the very latest cold front barreling towards the bay area. when to expect the rain coming up. $900 million? the staggering bill steve jobs' widow faces and the one word piece of advice she is getting. >> saw that yesterday afternoon. >> bay area shoppers already camping out for black friday. but before you hit the stores, which ones are naughty or nice when it comes to customer service?
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facing a huge tax bill from the i-r-s, unless she sells a lot of stock. steve jobs widow could be facing a huge tax bill from the irs unless she sells a lot of stock. under federal law, jobs' heirs can sell their shares and avoid $867 million in capital gains taxes. jobs owned almost $7 billion worth of apple and disney stock when he died. a little more than half of that is now in a trust run by his wife. according to estate planners, if jobs left his estate to his wife, the family will not be liable for that 35% estate tax until she dies or the money is given to others. it appears microsoft is going to make another bid to buy yahoo. reports say the software company signed a non-disclosure statement with yahoo to investigate the internet portal's finances. yahoo has been talking about selling all or part of its business since firing ceo carol
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bartz last september. bay area grocery stores kind of starting to look a little like war zones about now. >> mike sugerman shows us a local foodie is in a last- minute battle to score some high-end items and he is monitoring the controlled chaos now at berkeley bowl. how is it? >> reporter: well, you know, it's controlled. that's a good description. there are two types of people in america today. those who had to go to the supermarket and those who didn't go. i went today so you don't have to. the american farm bureau says the average american thanksgiving dinner for 10 people will be about $49 this year, $5 a person. but i don't think they are eating brussels sprouts on a stick. >> 237.21. >> reporter: not in the food crazed bay area. >> i'm just getting hors d'oeuvres. >> reporter: how much are you spending? >> probably $49. [ laughter ] >> reporter: what are you looking for? >> small turkey. me and a friend are eating dinner. i think i'll buy this one. what do you think?
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13 pounds for two people. >> reporter: that's 6.5 pounds each. you think you might handle it? >> i might see if homeless shelters might need donated food. >> reporter: you know you will overeat. >> i bought a 16-pound turkey for three people. >> reporter: and here is her list for a three-person dinner. thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same without the big old turkey dinner and all the trimmings would it? >> what do you do with this? >> make paste out of them and -- >> reporter: traditional thanksgiving cameron? >> traditional. >> reporter: more than 3,000 people will slog through the isles here today traditionally because the busiest grocery day of the year. >> under an hour. >> reporter: tim thought that was good. it's going to get longer the later goes as more people come by to shop for the holiday meal that in a million years won't
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cost them $5 per person. so this is one of the busiest times of the day and there are no more than five or six people in live. they are so big they handle it al very well. 14million americans are expected to eat out tomorrow and 16 million americans are having take-out. i don't know where you get take- out cranberry and mashed potatoes but apparently 16 million people according to surveys do it. for everybody out there watching and dana and allen, very happy thanksgiving. i hope it's a great, great day for you. >> same to you, mike. >> we are hoping because what were you going to tell him? >> you know, be careful. stuff that's not cooked sometimes is poisonous. >> you won't feel it for a couple of hours. >> reporter: tamarin. it wasn't very good. >> now you know.
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>> take-out of leftovers at my house. san francisco international airport is bustling tonight as travelers rush off to reach friends and family for the holidays and, of course, rush in to join us. but it got off to a rough start this morning. a big rig overturned just after 6 a.m. shutting down a portion of 101 in both directions. traffic backed up for miles. travelers at the airport were met with more lines but that didn't seem to dampen spirits much. >> they have done so much preparation for us. if we didn't show it it would be really bad. >> sfo is expecting 135,000 people to hustle through their gates today. and there is a new way to keep tabs of your bags when you're flying. delta has a new luggage tracking app. here's how it works. passengers enter the number of their bag tag and then track it online like a package. it also sends an alert about
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which baggage carousel to go to. now, the app won't keep your stuff from getting lost, of course. but it should make getting it back a little easier. >> you will be here, you'll know it's in hawaii but you will know where it is. freeways packed with people heading out for the long holiday season. let's look at the northbound 680 situation in milpitas. you can see, the middle of the freeway tied up there crews clearing the accident from the northbound lanes. and that made some trouble. but it's just one of the trouble spots this evening. how about a wider view from our traffic computer? it shows lots of red and yellow in certain areas scattered across the bay area. the green is the good stuff at least drivers are, well not battling the rain yet. >> yet. >> every time i have green on these computers did he say that's a good thing while people are out driving heading
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out of town for your holiday? live high-def doppler radar, rain is moving in. and right there, you see the heaviest precipitation now just upstream around cloverdale. we have renegade showers hit and miss activity over the bay passing through san rafael. so the timing of the heaviest rain this is our futurecast. it has been spot on for the last couple of storm systems. here you have the rain as of right now. this is the most intense band. the frontal boundary the cold front associated with this system look at midnight where it lies over the northern portion of our district and in between 12 and 8:00 in the morning the heaviest downpours. sleep in tomorrow morning to miss the rain. watch what happens. mostly cloudy skies during the daytime hours. a stray shower is still certainly possible for thanksgiving and even early on black friday.
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overall, it looks like we will see up to about 1.5" of rain. look at the accumulation by 1:00 in the morning. i'm talking about overnight tonight up to about an inch in santa rosa and then as this system digs to the south and ejects to the east, we see anywhere from .10" in san jose to over an inch and a quarter throughout san rafael. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera. temperatures currently in the 50s. if you are out and about making that last trip to berkeley bowl, meanwhile it looks like your weather headlines suggest the rain is moving in, the heaviest rain overnight tonight through tomorrow morning up to 1.5" of precipitation. the full-on seven-day forecast, dana and allen, it's still straight ahead. >> yeah. sleeping sleeping in. >> not if you're cooking. bay area shoppers are already camping out for black friday but before you hit the stores, which ones are naughty or nice when it comes to
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customer service. >> we started here yesterday afternoon. >> bay area shoppers... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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strongest of the year for car sales -- and the trend could continue into next year. the reason this month could be the strongest of the year for car sales and they say that trend could continue into next year. the reason is the growing need to replace older cars. len ramirez kicked some tires at the san francisco auto show to see what's new. >> reporter: as americans relove our cars. -- we love our cars, big and powerful, small, efficient, exotic. crowds are coming to the san francisco auto show to see what's new. >> the industry has come up with a lot of new products, whether it be the hybrid, electric alternative fuel or
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just, you know, the redesigning the u.s. is. >> reporter: but for many when it comes to the latest models, it's been love from afar due to the economy, high unemployment. people have been keeping cars longer. the average age of a car on the road today is 11 years, the oldest since 196. richmond rose of concord has been putting off a purchase but is looking at upgrading next year. he had his eye on the new buick regal gs. >> there's a lot of things we are thinking about but we need something i like to drive first and something that can fit my family. >> reporter: u.s. automakers are expecting november will be their strongest month. 2011 as consumers start replacing the aging vehicles and analysts say sales for 2012 could be up 10% from 2011. >> people are out. they are looking, you know, to make a purchase. >> people are looking for economy cost-effectiveness something that's going to last them. >> reporter: this is one of newest of the very small very fuel-efficient cares to be on
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the american market and it's from a manufacturer that disappeared from america about 20 years ago. but fiat is back now with a very retro looking 500. it's going up against another tiny car, the sion iq that gets 37 miles to the gallon. >> ask my banker. >> reporter: donna will be trading in an suv. >> i like a smaller can to tour around the city in for shopping. just easy, something easy but goes fast. >> reporter: small, easy on the budget and fun. that's the name of the game in cars for 2012. in san francisco, len ramirez, cbs 5. >> it's only wednesday but some bay area shoppers are already lined up looking to cash in on black friday deals. now, before you hit the stores, though, julie watts on which places deserve a lump of coal when it comes to customer service. many of the folks here will have been camped out for more
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than 50 hours by the time black friday doors open. this girl called in sick for work. you left something at home. >> my 4-month-old baby. >> reporter: needless to say if you ask them they would all say best buy is -- >> nice. >> reporter: but the folks at roseville yesterday were singing a different tune. it seems the rules for black friday campers at "occupy" best buy in roseville are similar to the ones imposed on the real "occupy" protestors no tents. that's what they were told last night after mall security tried to kick them completely out but best buy stepped in and negotiated a compromise. something that's putting it back on santa's nice list. consumer reports is adding 10 more companies to the list. its annual naughty and nice list include costco which provides free tech support and automatically extends manufacturer warranties for two years, i.e., made the list for accepting returns or exchanges anytime for any reason by mail or in store even if the item is used at rei.
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american express has a nice policy, if you can't return an item you purchased with an american express card they will refund the purchase price up to $300, no more than $1,000 a year. orbitz, amazon and microsoft made the nice list but radioshack because they sometimes charge different prices for the same item. verizon made the naughty list acknowledging its voluntary alert something created to warn customers before going over minutes is unreliable. also naughty southwest, american apparel, sirius/xm radio and the fortune 500 company gamestop for its laundry list of return conditions and reserving the right to refuse any returns. the best buy return policy is a split between naughty and nice so they have extended returns for the holiday through january 31 and offer free phone support but it doesn't apply to all items and you may have to pay a restocking fee. needless to say the folks here don't seem to mind and if you
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would like to see that full consumer reports list of naughty and nice head to a new location for "occupy" san francisco? >> they want us to move out of this spot for reasons. >> the new home mayor ed lee is offering them and the added protections to keep out undesirable "occupiers." >> i didn't sense any remorse. >> too young for a license but old enough to steal cars. bay area kids arrested for carjacking. the scary way victims were tricked out of their vehicles. and this kid can forget about the tooth fairy. >> we are just going to see how many wiggly teeth you have. >> why his mom and others are paying dentists to pull their child's perfectly healthy baby teeth. what they're banking on. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our top story at 6:30, the last "occupy" camp left standing in the bay area could be on the move. the mayor wants to move them out of justin herman plaza in san francisco and give them their own place. phil matier says getting protestors to give up their prime real estate on the embarcadero may be a tough sell.
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>> it's helpful for the city. i'm not sure what the decision the "occupy" folks are going to make about it. >> reporter: that was supervisor john avalos one of "occupy's" biggest supporters reacting to news that mayor lee offered the protestors a new home at this closed up school where they could put up tents hold meetings in the old classrooms and even have a gate to keep undesirables out. the mission district neighbors living next to the camp however are mixed on the idea. >> i don't believe they clean up after themselves. i think the trash gets out of control and the city has to pay for the clean-up. >> the people should see what's really going on out here on the streets. so if they have to bring it here -- >> reporter: school district representatives say they are open to the idea of handing over the school but the big question of course is whether the "occupy" campers themselves will make the move. >> they have told us often that "occupy" movement is not going anywhere, they are going to always be here for at least the
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future. so why not have a discussion about what their long-term plans are? >> reporter: while it will give them a place to stay and roofs over their heads, the same time it would be out in the mission far from the public eye. >> i don't care will agree to that because we pick this spot for a reason and they want us to move out of this spot for a reason and they want us out of here because it's totally visible so out of sight out of mind and we won't. >> reporter: there is the rub. the mayor made his move offering them a new location. if "occupy" says no, then the mayor might have another move in mine involving the police. in san francisco, phil matier, cbs 5. "occupy" protestors have packed up and moved out of a vacant lot. police in riot gear watched as 200 protestors dismantled the encampment at 19th and telegraph. the lot is privately owned and the owner did not want them there. some protestors did return a short time later and shouted, we will not be defeated.
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nationwide, the "occupy" movement has cost taxpayers at least $13 million so far. an "associated press" survey shows most of that money paid police officer overtime to monitor protestors. the movement has been most expensive in new york and oakland where protestors have clashed with police on several occasions. four teenagers who police say are responsible for a series of armed carjackings in san diego will spend thanksgiving in jail. they are just 14 and 13 years old. police say they got away with four cars and terrified victims with a bb gun replica of a semi- automatic beretta pistol. once they were caught, police say they didn't make any excuses for their behavior. police say the teenagers said they just wanted to take the cars on joy rides. he was bicycling to work
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when he was involved in a deadly crash but it was woman he hit who died. it's a case sparking renewed discourse over the rules of the road. and joe vazquez tells us, it's about to go to trial. >> reporter: she had the right of way but the 68-year-old washington, d.c. tourist never made it across the embarcadero at mission street because a bicyclist ran her over. that was 8:30 in the morning july 15. she died almost a month later from her injuries. the bicyclist ran a red light. >> he feels he wants to do the right thing. >> reporter: the attorney represents the cyclist 23-year- old randy eng. >> the tragedy of the loss for the victim's family is not lost on him. he grasps that an feels that pain. >> reporter: this morning, four months afternoon the accident, eng faced a judge for the first time. he is now formally charge with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. he pled not guilty. a recent graduate of bucknell
6:36 pm
university, eng was on the way to his first real job, at a marketing company along the embarcadero. >> i was trying to get to work. >> not a good reason to run a red light. >> reporter: the district attorney caught heat for the charges taking so long. he says he has been waiting for the medical examiner's report which showed eng had no drugs or alcohol in his system. eng has no previous criminal record but gascon says he needs to be held accountable. >> we are trying to and a clear message. we have problems with really bad behavior by sick lists, pedestrians and drivers. you're supposed to wait for the green light. >> reporter: the defendant goes before a judge on december 13. if convicted he could face a year in jail. joe vazquez, cbs 5. forget the tooth fairy. why some parents are paying the dentist to pull their children's perfectly healthy baby teeth. >> you always want to grab any hope you can. >> what they are banking on. coming up next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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days? a dollar? five bucks? some par how much did you think a bibby tooth goes for? a dollar? five bucks for a baby tooth? parents are instead paying dentists to pull out healthy baby teeth. dr. kim mulvihill shows us what they are banking on. reporter: the newest way to extract stem cells is jaw dropping. >> we are going to count your teeth. >> reporter: it requires having baby teeth pulled by a dentist who specially packages them and sends them off to be cryogenically scored. she is storing the teeth of her son to hopefully someday treat his type one diabetes. she signed up for a service called store a tooth. >> as a parent of a child with
6:40 pm
diabetes you want to grab onto any hope. >> reporter: her son's dentist also her employer offers the service. >> the research indicates right now that it's good for spinal cord injury, repairing a heart muscle, alzheimer's, parkinson's disease and a slew of other diseases from dental stem cells. >> reporter: the chief officer of store a tooth says the research is preliminary but parents should be given the option. >> it's always a shame to hear statements where people say potentially potentially potentially without any real scientific basis. >> reporter: dr. john kessler is an expert in stem cell science. he says possible applications for dental stem cells are limited. he says how they are stored and their quantity and viability present other problems. >> to think that this stem cell offers that potential is just not just a leap of faith. it's a leap over the cliff. >> reporter: as to whether
6:41 pm
dental stem cells could offer false hope to parents? >> oh, absolutely. there is no guarantee in anything in life. >> reporter: still parents can't help but wonder what if and they aren't deterred by cost, $650 to sign up plus $10 a month for storage. >> it's a good thing out there so why not use it? >> reporter: for adults, wisdom teeth can be stored but no dental stem cells are currently being used anywhere but in the lab. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. heavy rain is moving into the bay area and usually when it's ranging here it means snow in tahoe when it's raining here. if you are heading to the high sierra, you will need chains by tomorrow morning. we have your snow report coming up.
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>> you think i'm going to put my new skis on 4 "? >> i'm dennis o'donnell. i'll bet you can't get who won't be at tomorrow's harbaugh bowl coming up. ,,,,,,,, it's about building cars in america.
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it's all about jobs. it's all about respect. security. the american dream. [ jamaul ] good jobs in tough times. a chance to move up and do better. [ delaunta ] excellent healthcare. [ caletha ] beautiful benefits. what they used to call the american way. it still works here. [ jennifer ] not a single layoff of a u.s. manufacturing worker. [ glen ] not one. not one. doing things the right way. quality. [ jimmeka ] building cars that americans want. [ jamaul ] right here in america. hyundai is an all-american success story. ♪
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bonny breaking news out of arizona what air seeing here is that a plane has crashed into the superstition mountains. that's about 35 miles east of phoenix, arizona. the plane crashed around 6:30 local time. that's 5:30 our time. a witness tells kpho, which is the cbs station in phoenix, that the crash caused a fireball and an explosion. one man said that plane appeared to have had engine trouble. we don't know what kind of plane it was but the faa says there are no reports of any missing commercial aircraft. we don't know the elevation of the crash right now. we are trying to get more information to pass on to you
6:46 pm
but again, this is a plane crash in the superstition mountains. no reports of any missing commercial aircraft. families with special needs children have a warehouse full of resources at their disposal. as kate kelly reports, it's thanks to this week's jefferson award winner. >> hi, aden. how are you doing? >> reporter: like many mothers, bonnie is taking her 7-year-old son aden to the library. but it isn't for books. they have come to borrow specialized pediatric equipment. expensive equipment that families with special needs children use daily. >> we are looking for a walker for him. >> reporter: they have come to the right place. two years ago, san carlos native kelly co-founded able closets. in donated warehouse space she stores over 200 pieces of
6:47 pm
equipment that families can try out, borrow, and return without ever spending a dollar. >> most families would be shocked at the expense. i'm families covered by insurance it doesn't cover everything. >> reporter: kelly knows because her 7-year-old daughter kylie has cerebral palsy. wheelchairs run up to $10,000, special needs stroller 2 thousand dollars. it's difficult can take months and there is no guarantee the child will like or use it. >> if there was an inventory of equipment that parents can try before they make a purchase decision or before the state purchases something to them, seems logical that that should be availabl some of the more popular items are bath equipment. strollers are good because insurance won't cover a
6:48 pm
wheelchair and stroller. >> reporter: this single mother started taking donations in her garage and built the able closet inventory. >> the children need to be measured. you need to make sure it fits them appropriately which is why the inventory needs to be so large. reporter: twice a month able closet opens its doors to families searching for pediatric equipment. in two short years the word has spread to where kelly and her organization now help up to 20 families a month. >> you want to take a couple of steps? >> reporter: like bonnie and aden. >> without the walker he wouldn't be able to participate with the other children at recess time. i feel so grateful to her and her family and for having, you know, done there for our family. >> reporter: so for providing families with special needs children the equipment they need to reach their full potential, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to kelly steitz.
6:49 pm
kate kelly, cbs 5. from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening. we have a moderate rain system moving into the north bay. our live high-def doppler radar picks up green and yellow. when you see that yellow, that's a moderate downpour towards the cloverdale area as it goes east. when to expect the heaviest rain, looks like overnight. look at the clock. so after midnight tonight through 1:00 a.m. all the way to about 8 a.m. the heaviest rainfall will occur from the north bay all the way to the south leaving us with mostly cloudy day for thanksgiving a stray shower certainly possible all the way through black friday and the early-morning hours. otherwise, the weekend will be on the dry side. so rainfall stats.
6:50 pm
heavy downpour santa rosa over inch and a quarter. quarter inch in hayward. tonight our live cbs 5 camera looking at 580 jam-packed but not raining there yet. temperatures pretty uniform across the bay area into the mid-50s after highs today of 57 in kentfield and 64 in mountain view. so rain is now pushing into the north bay. heaviest rain overnight. rain tapers off on thanksgiving morning leaving us with the mostly cloudy sky. 54 to 61, 63 degrees. that's how it looks like on our satellite. beautiful storm system but look at that right there splitting in half northerly branch going into the pacific northwest. we are the recipients of the southern side of the system. tomorrow's anticipated temperatures cool this time of year with south wind 10 to 20. shower possible early otherwise partly cloudy skies over the weekend, next shot of rain showers will occur on
6:51 pm
wednesday. that's your pinpoint forecast. dennis, sports, next.
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game??? i just got off craig's list..two tickets between the 20-30 yard lines are going for $2,500. but check it out...2 how hot is the 49ers game?
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i just got off craigslist two tickets between the 20 and 30- yard lines going for $500. $2,500. jim and john harbaugh's parents will be there to take a picture with their two sons before the historic meeting. then they will leave to find a quiet place and watch tv. my sources tell me that will be john's house. >> that's the way we grew up. that's the way our dad the -- football programs we were in, he had us around and it was really impactful. and, you know, i think it would be encouraging maybe i guess in some way, you know, parents, businesses, whatever it might be, bring the kids around. let them be part of what you're doing. take them to work with you. it's really meaningful to be along with your dad or mom, you know, and be around them and be part of what they're doing. >> brothers battle for the turkey leg right here on cbs 5. 9ers and ravens tomorrow at 5 p.m. followed by the fifth quarter
6:55 pm
with myself, jeremy newberry and "exclusive" coyle in baltimore. stanford has one more regular game one last chance to impress the pollsters and the bcs computers. now, the cardinal is six in the bcs and coached david shaw is ticked off that his one loss team is behind one loss oklahoma state which lost to unranked iowa state and won -- are you following me? anyway. everybody is confused. >> everyone is listening. >> it's a flawed system which is why the bcs people themselves have promoted a lot of different changes going forward. doesn't make sense to me as far as what's more important, a quality win or a nonquality loss or comparing teams that have played the same teams as we have. >> would you like to see a play- off system? >> i don't know. he think that's more of a mess. >> ec is he fellly sounds like hot dessert a hot runningback
6:56 pm
for the cal bears whose name is getting more ink by the game. >> too small to play, i won't be able to make it to the next level. i want to prove people wrong. >> reporter: he is cal's mighty mouse. >> 5'8". >> reporter: isi is proving that good things come in small packages. >> he carries the load. esi is a lot himself. >> reporter: two weeks ago sefele cracked the 1,000 yard. cal has had a runningback. nine of the last 10 years. >> reporter: the father was an elite rugby player. >> i thought it was. >> average. >> no. they don't have a rugby team. >> reporter: he played both sports before choosing football long term over rugby. >> take time to come and train
6:57 pm
me ever since i was little. running around the park a couple of times. going to the football somewhere. >> attention like that was at a premium in the sofele household. he is one of eight kids who lived in a house in salt lake city with only two bathrooms. >> it was crazy. all the boys were complaining. someone come out sneaking in brushing their teeth oh, yeah still brushing my teeth. >> reporter: he hopes to make it in the national football league but his drive to succeed is all in the family. >> it makes me want to do better to see -- i love seeing them happy. >> good deal. >> what a great young man. >> caption colorado, llc ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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